New Direction

So now that I got all my anger in some sort of management, I wanted to start a new direction for the new year new! I know today is the first day of Spring, what can I say I am a late bloomer. For this year and the past 10 years of my life I have always made a New Years resolution to lose weight and be healthier but never stuck with it. This time I finally have come to realize like many Americans that every thing I put in my mouth has to be accounted for by counting calories. This does not come so easy for me because I do consider my self a foodie, there are many frustration and obstacles ahead of me as you can imagine. With all the blend recipes, and small portions that leave the foodies screaming for help, I wanted to start blogging about creative recipes. Sharing with those out there struggling with bad food just like me!

stay tuned for more – happy Spring!

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