Do the gays make you nervous

like they make me? Soon I will par-take in a lovely reunion/vacation with close friends and I realize that I am friends with all but one on FB. The one you might have guess is gay. It’s not that being gay is the problem, that is far from the truth, its me! But admit it, we all have gay friends with fabulous lives, they are all cultured, well read and always fashionable (even if they’re, well … “rounded” like the infamous AndrĂ© Leon Talley.)


Marc-ie Marc workout

Some of the famous queers that come to mind, just to give you an example – Marc Jacob, Tim Gunn, Dale Levitsk, David Sedaris, Ellen Degeneres, Korean Gay Military activist Dan Choi, the list goes on. Foodies, fashionistas, comedians to activists. It’s all in my face, I know I am straight, boring and not always up to date when it comes to fashion. I get it! So this is my dilemma, do I friend my friend on FB? This will mean that he will have access to all my boring updates, and pictures 24-7. Drama-queen you say, yes guilty, but you don’t understand this friend has over three hundred friends, and yes he will not even have time to take a peek at the straight life, but even the chance of him seeing my update makes me breakout in hives.

“IF THEY MADE IT”, yes that would be me!

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