Are you looking at me? wait, keep looking, just don’t let me see you looking.

Funny things on the net. I keep gawking at these 12 year old girls… no wait that came out wrong, I follow young ladies of a certain age… no still sounds off. Right, like i was saying funny things on the web, I keep updates on the latest trends with ladies of the world wide web. The fashion blogs keep me most entertained with their fun looks and even funner expressions of “look at me!”
To be honest, today was the first time I have been to this blog, and it rocks. All the Parisian style looks, and the blogger with the oh so French look, “We are French and you are not… how sad”, i love it!
Also a new site I hit up today, and no clue as to what the fuck she’s going for, I mean maybe it’s like – just sayin.

Rookie, wise old lady trapped in a young girls body is more like it. But in my eyes Tavi is a fashion savant and has more knowledge about fashion then I will ever have in my life time. I’ve been following her career since she was 2 years old.

Once I was told that I reminded him of her in me, I think he was blind too. But she has the perfect, “I see you, but don’t look at me…okay maybe now”, look.


  1. Seriously! You have me categorized as CrazyAss Acting not so Crazy? You are hi larious.

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