my dream come true

Last year, Kenneth and I hosted our very first Thanksgiving in our new condo that we have just moved into, and before we started our feast my man made a toast. It was 7 little words that made me laugh and question at the same time. But looking back at it, I sort of enjoyed those words that will forever be part of my Thanksgiving day tradition.

“Thanks for making Young’s dreams come true!” as Kenneth raised his mug with cheap white wine along with 14 other guests (also with their mixed matched glasses) toasted to me the hostess with the most-est, sure I know what you’re thinking Young’s dreams are quite simple and quaint and I would also agree with you about a year ago, but looking back it wasn’t always so easy to come by.

When I was growing up my parents worked everyday, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, so growing up in the States during the holidays were lonely to say the least. At first it was fun getting time off from school, watching tv, eating junk food while sleeping was optional. As I got older and grew to understand American culture as a immigrant kid, I long for those fights with families, over eating and Black-Friday. This I came to understand was how our society worked, yell at each other then calm down with some turkey and mash, a little nap and the whole family is off shopping for one another. Now who wants to be part of that, I admit it’s a little dysfunctional but I want that – no I need that to be part of my life.

And looking back I tried to create some of that magical Thanksgiving day-ness when I was 15, I went to the supermarket bought myself a turkey, caned cranberries, and some yams. I had planned it so my parents would come during their break, after lunch but before dinner just enough to sit and have a fast meal. As the bird was roasting in the oven, I prepped the yams and opened up a can of jellied cranberries, 5 minutes later my sides dishes were done, checked on the bird still pale. No problem I have the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade to watch, hours later check the bird and I see some color “tan” to be more accurate. Go for a walk to Longs Drugs for a snack to get me through hunger pang. Finally hours later set the table and wait.

2 o’clock rolls around and I’m the only one at the table, 2:15 and finally my brother shows up and we sit at the table hoping that someone would show up. 2:45 comes around and I tell my brother let’s eat. As he goes for the yams, I yell, “wait let’s say what we’re thankful for”, trying to mimic those sitcom shows, and he like the sweet kid he is oblige. As I drift off into my own world my brother says couple of lines of thanks, I couldn’t help it I was defeated. Ironically this supposed cornucopia of food was to be enjoyed, savored but in reality it took my brother less then 5 min to consume. That was the moment that shaped my Thanksgiving days for most of my life till last year, when my husband reminded me of what good things to come, and what good families and friends we should be thankful for. My parents didn’t make it to my dinner date some 16 years ago but, they did get to enjoy it the day after Thanksgiving and I got to see the joy on their faces as I told them how I went about making the turkey as I’m sure they saw the joy in me spending time with them.

Even though my Thanksgiving day meal wasn’t like the Cosby’s, or the Keanton’s I was happy spending time with my family on a non-turkey day, and for this Thanksgiving day I think some of my dreams are going to come true. Having quality time with friends, drinking too much wine and wearing a little black on Friday.

On a side note for all those new immigrants or not so new, as long as you spend some time with people you care bout that’s all that matter, hell if you got pets or virtual girl friend /boy friend that works as well.

Happy Turkey Day Everyone and to all a Good Night!


  1. Happy thanksgiving Young

  2. Awww, this is super cute Young. :) Happy belated Thanksgiving. I wish you would have come over to my parents’ place for Thanksgiving in high school. We would have loved to have you.

  3. Oh how cute my darling! It so sad and so warm in the same time ;-) I am glad I can make your dream comes true!

  4. ‘…As he goes for the yams, I yell, “wait let’s say what we’re thankful for”, trying to mimic those sitcom shows, and he like the sweet kid he is oblige…’

    by reading this, i can hear the echo from you in my mindset~ i m very happy for u

    awww such a cute read

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